Whiptail (single)




This page is for one Whiptail stick. If you want pairs of Whiptail, try here.

Want a fast stick? Or do you just have small hands? The Whiptail is a smaller streamlined version of the Stingray. Super quick through the water but maintaining a great pass and just enough mass for the odd crunch. Perfect for those smaller players or forwards looking to go around the bad guys.

Whiptails only come right handed.

The Whiptails are the s**t.

Incredibly fast, great handing, very easy high-flick for flick and chases. A lot of people are really liking the handle. Don’t change a thing with the sticks!

Inside of the stick is great. I love playing with the inside of any stick and the short length and added mass really make the puck feel safe in my hold. As a forward it makes it great for maintaining possession. Backflicks are much easier for me with the whiptail.

As with the stingray, the whiptail has a great range of flicks. Flick distance and height are easily adjusted. I’m 5’4 and all the chubbies and big guys can’t match my flicks.

RS from USA