The fastest fins in the world!

Najade fins are a solid, robust and incredibly fast fin for someone looking for another level of performance. The Najade fins are perfect for someone looking to step up from plastic fins like the Stratos, as a training fin for an elite player (they fit in a small backpack) or a full on competition fin for those that want that speed edge of the competition.

Najade fins can be warn in two ways. Warn normally they are a comfortable efficient fin much like a high performance swim training or body-bording fin. Warn 'upside down' the fins load up and generate piles of power and speed.


Size 2 - EU 37-39. UK 4.5-6. US 5-7
Size 3 - EU 40-42. UK 6.5-8. US 7-9. 
Size 4 - EU43-45. UK 9-10.5. US 10-12.
As a high performance fin they should be tight and many people create neoprene socks to fill any spare space in the foot pocket.


  • Strengthen your ankles lots. These fins put a lot of pressure on your feet.
  • Spray inside the foot pocket with silicon spray to help get them on
  • Push your feet as far into the foot pocket as you can before lifting on the heel strap
  • Kick big, hard and fast. No cruising! Go for power and speed
  • Enjoy being the fastest player in your team! (until your mates get them).