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UWH beginners gear guide

If your looking to play Underwater Hockey you will need some good gear. Here is a basic guide to the things you will need to get going.


So you can see underwater.


So you can breath on the surface while keeping your face in the water to see whats going on.

Snorkel Keeper

Holds your snorkel to your cap or mask strap. Some people use hair ties instead.


Has protective ear bits and comes in black and white so you can tell your team mates from the bad guys. Your team should have full sets of these.


These are compulsory. You can have either a standard internal mouthguard like most other sports, or get an external one fitted to your snorkel.


Used to push / flick the puck so you can score a goal! You will need a black and a white one.


To protect your hand


To make you swim fast

Fin grips

To help hold your fins on your feet