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Bags & Accessories

  • External Mouthguard


    This is the most popular mouth guard in Underwater Hockey. Mount to a snorkel by trimming some of the...

  • Internal Mouthguard


    Keep you teeth safe with a standard "boil and bite" internal mouthguard. Available in Junior and Senior...

  • Parore Puck


    Parore Puck"The best puck in the world"Designed and refined by Dave Parore over the last 20 years, the...

  • Fin Keepers


    Fin Keepers(Pair)Used for holding your fins on your feet so they dont fall off. Made from long lasting...

  • Snorkel Keeper


    Snorkel KeeperHold your snorkel on your head so you dont loose it. Made from hard wearing black silicone...

  • Mini stick


    Mini UWH sticks. Great for gifts, bag tags, key rings and much more.Black and white sticks available...